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Roasted Seeds


Roasted Pumpkin/Squash Seeds


Seeds after bake

Great snack!  Healthy and tasty!

What you need:

  •  Seeds from squash (pumpkin, butternut, acorn or any squash that has seeds)
  •  Olive Oil (can use canola or vegitable oil)
  •  Jorge's Habit Habanero Sea Salt
  •  Brine water: combine 1/8 cup salt  (plain salt is fine for this) with 6 cups water. Stir or wisk water to make sure salt is  dissolved in water.
  •  Large pot 
  •  Cookie sheet
  •  Strainer
  •  Bowl
  •  Pre heated oven @ 350 degrees

 Strain Seeds:

Strain seeds

Clean, strain, rinse and drain:

  • Place seeds in strainer after removing most of the squash flesh from the seeds.
  • Rinse thourghly in a strainer, use your fingers in a circular motion to remove as much flesh as possible (if you have a little flesh or "strings" thats okay)
  • Let them stay in strainer while you prepare the next steps

Boil seeds in brine water:

Boil seeds

Boil seeds:

  • Note that in the above picture the seeds are floating in the water.
  • Boil the seeds until the majority of them sink.  For the amount I used here it took about 25 mins. (some will still be floating).
  • Turn of heat. 


This is what they look like after the boil and the heat is turned off:

Seeds after boil 2

 See how for the most part they are not floating on the top?  This is what you want.


Roast Seeds:

Seeds before bake

Roast Seeds:

  •  Strain water from seeds.  They do not need to be completely dry.
  •  Put seeds in a bowl and mix with oil.  Use 1 TBS per 1 cup of seeds.  (I use olive oil, you can use any type of cooking oil).
  • Combine 1 tsp Jorge's Habit Habanero Sea Salt of your favorite flavor to bowl of seeds and oil.  Stir together to coat the seeds.
  • Place in sheet pan.  Even layer (or close to it, see picture above)
  • Put sheet pan with seasoned seeds in preheated oven.
  • Roast for about 25 to 30 mins, Until desired doneness.  Flip or turn seeds to acheive even cooking about every 10 mins.

Seeds after bake

Let cool and enjoy!  Depending on your desired cooking time you can eat them whole, or you can crack them open and eat the insides only!

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