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5 Surprising Benefits of Flavored Sea Salt

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There are many benefits of flavored sea salt. Here are five benefits that may be surprising!  

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Flavored sea salts provide so much more than plain salt that we are all so familiar with. Salt is needed in all types of food to get the best from your hard work you put into your dishes. Use flavored sea salts to get optimal benefits!


Benefit 1: You can reduce your sodium intake

You can get all the health benefits of flavored sea salt by using less salt while still maximizing flavor in your cooking.  Using less salt tends to come naturally for most once you use it.  Try it first in dishes you are familiar with to learn what works best for you and your cooking style.

Most sea salts (flavored or otherwise) tend to taste “saltier” than regular table salt this is one reason so many use less sea salt than they would plain salt. Now… we are talking about  the benefits of “flavored sea salt”. The natural flavors added to them is another reason we tend to use less. We get more flavor and less salt all at once! That is multi-tasking!

When using flavored sea salt, another way to use less is using a grinder or a mortar and pestle to make the salt even finer. Often times grinding flavored sea salts releases more of the flavor that is permeated in each grain.  Less salt is also achieved when using flavored sea salts because you can now buy unsalted butter and low sodium broths (or even make your own broths). You are now in control of what you are consuming. Give it a try, read the label on your butter or margarine, how about the sodium in canned veggies, or full sodium broths.  How much sodium/salt is in there? You might be surprised.

Benefit 2: You could lose weight

Who doesn't love snacking? It’s good, so fun and satisfying. We've found that loads of our fans  have managed to cut down their calorie intake by adding our flavored salts to their healthy snacks which instantly cuts down their cravings for high fat temptations. For example: instead of ranch dressing (which has lots of calories) you can sprinkle some flavored sea salt on your fresh tomatoes, celery, carrots, avocadoes, any veggie, hard boiled eggs, any snacks you would like to achieve more flavor and at the same time it will be more satisfying AND cut down your calories. You are now snacking low calorie without missing out on flavor.

Flavored sea salts come in so many varieties and are so inspiring to help create lower calorie fresh homemade dishes. Make your dishes yummy and low calorie without sacrificing flavor. Try it with quinoa, brown rice, steamed veggies, and so much more. It is quite surprising the flavor you can achieve by using flavored sea salts with simple healthy whole foods and keep it low calorie. Be creative and get inspired!

Benefit 3: You don't have to worry about eating bleach

Common salt that has been a part of our lives, our parent’s lives, grandparent’s lives, and so on…is refined. It has been refined by using one of many “bleaching”processes. This not only means when you eat table salt, you are taking in bleaching chemicals, but the bleaching process also removes all the trace minerals that come naturally in salt.  

Sea salt and flavored sea salts are usually unrefined. There are some sea salt brands hat may have been “minimally” refined. Yet, for the most part, sea salt has not been refined or very minimally refined.  Sea salt and flavored sea salt contains trace minerals - which are good fo you!  The refining process that regular salt uses removes all those natural trace minerals. Unlike regular salt; flavored sea salts have usually been dried naturally by the sun. Drying naturally by the sun means there are also less of our natural resources required to run the equipment needed to force dry.

Benefit 4: There are NO additives or preservatives

Salt is a natural preservative. Yet regular plain salt (and some brands of flavored sea salts) contain preservatives, anti-caking agents, and additives to make the salt more “free flowing”.  As long as you keep your flavored sea salts in an air tight container and below 75% humidity, it will store nicely and last for a minimum of 10 years!

Look for flavored sea salts that contain very few ingredients. The label will tell you what is in your salt. Is your flavored sea salt flavored with processed flavors or natural ingredients? Is there a long list of ingredients that you wonder “why are there so many ingredients just to make garlic flavored sea salt?”  Read the labels of flavored salts (or any products for that manner) to know what you are getting.

Benefit 5: You won't need to buy “pre-mixed” seasonings

We all have them in the cabinet or spice rack. Those premixed seasonings that say they go with everything. I will be the first to admit that until learning the benefits and versatility of flavored sea salts, those premixed seasonings used to taste good. Let’s not forget that products like that have all kinds of undesirable ingredients!

Toss those pre-mixes out! Start with flavored sea salts and add your favorite herbs and spices to create something amazing! Something that is unique to your cooking style. This is one reason the popular brands of pre-mixed seasonings have so many different varieties. They are appealing to the masses. It is so much more adventurous and fun to create something special, that is yours alone. Your pallet will be pleasantly surprised!


Anyone you know of that would enjoy to learn more about the benefits of using flavored sea salts, feel free to share this article. You can learn more about our flavored sea salts here.


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