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3 Unusual Uses For Flavored Sea Salt

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3 Unusual Uses for Flavored Sea Salt

Like many, when you think of salt, you probably are thinking of savory dishes. Not to mention thinking of using flavored sea salt!  Read on for three unusual uses for it (and a few more).

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1: You can make amazing sweet treats!

You have seen the products out there that are all about “sweet and salty” from candy bars, trail mixes, and granola bars. This is because sweet and salty pair wonderfully together. How about the original sweet and salty treat we are all familiar with...peanut butter and jelly/jam sandwiches, salty peanut butter paired with the sweetness of your favorite jelly, a big glass of milk...oh the memories!

If you haven’t had salted caramels, you need to.  Using flavored sea salts you can take your salted caramels to the next level! Pictured are pretzel sticks dipped in caramel and semi-sweet chocolate, then lightly sprinkled with our Original flavor. Try these little sweet-salty-crunchy wonders with your coffee or tea!

One of my favorite uses for flavored sea salt is oatmeal, dark chocolate chip cookies, sprinkled with sea salt on top. Salt adds great flavor, and it is visually appealing as well. Try it on top of your fudge, brownies, sweet breads, cakes and cupcakes. (Yes, I said it...cakes too).

2: Use it on your fruits!

Wait, on fruit? Yes! Salt, especially flavored sea salt offers a whole new flavor to your fruits. Fruit is full of natural sugar; there is no need to add more sugar. What our palette is really looking for when we think we need to add sugar is more flavor. That is what adding salt provides without adding processed or more sugar.

It’s great on citrus too. Tart citrus and sweet citrus alike; lemons, limes, grapefruit and oranges! You have got to try it on melons...watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew. More tasty uses for flavored sea salts are pineapple, strawberries, papaya, kiwi and mango. Get some fruit and give it try!

3: Rim your drink glasses! Your guests will be impressed

The most popular drink for rimming a glass with salt is the famous Margarita. One of my favorites is the Bloody Mary some also know this “breakfast in a glass” as a Caesar. Using flavored sea salt will heighten the not only the taste and texture of your drinks, yet the aesthetics as well.

I mentioned it before; salty and sweet pair great together. You can salt the rim of sweet drinks too. Try it on your favorite sweet or fruity drinks like daiquiris. It can even be a virgin drink (so the designated driver isn’t missing out on flavor).

How about a shot of tequila with a slice of lime, yes! Beer is another awesome paring with flavored sea salt. Use flavored sea salt to rim your glasses and aww at the creation you just made!

Be inspired and get creative. What will you make next?

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